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  • Do you Buy a Wedding Gift if You Are Only Invited to the Reception?

    When a friend or relative is getting married, it’s only natural for you to wish the bride and groom to be the best- and to hope for a wedding invitation. But some couples prefer to have a small private ceremony with their closest relatives only and have a lavish after-party. If you’re invited to the […]

  • How to Get Used to Wearing a Wedding Ring

    Whether you’re a man or woman, putting on and wearing a ring every day can take some getting used to. Adding a title to that ring doesn’t necessarily make wearing it any easier. If you’re not used to wearing rings, it might feel a tad cumbersome and tough to work around. Some people have a […]

  • Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Invite Me to Wedding – What options do I have?

    Your boyfriend has been invited to a wedding, but you’re not. How big a palaver is this, and what do you do about it? My boyfriend doesn’t want to invite me to a wedding–what options do I have? The options available to you when your boyfriend doesn’t invite you to a wedding are: accept the […]

  • How to Tell Someone They’re Not Invited to Your Wedding?

    It seems to me that every bride and groom at every wedding has certain pain points they must push through, and one of them is the wedding list. Yes, it’s your wedding; this is the one day you’d think you could do pretty much as you please without fear of condemnation, but unfortunately, that is […]

  • We Can’t Afford a Wedding: 7 Best Options

    Weddings are expensive. Or rather, they can be. When my partner and I wanted to tie the knot, we couldn’t afford a wedding (or not the whole shebang that other couples plan and have). With my best friend’s help, we got creative so that our wedding could cost as little as possible. You may wonder what’s the […]