The Story

Haley & Jason’s unplugged wedding quite literally had it all. The most joyfully fun group of guests you can imagine, impeccably stylish decor, custom designed favours, a fully stocked cigar bar, slick live music for the whole day… In fact, as we told ace photographers Don + Helen, it was extremely difficult to select just a few images to share from the hundreds of gorgeous snaps.

They started off their stay with a sunset cocktail event at the Sky Bar in Sitges, which set the tone for the celebrations to come.

The wedding

And then the amazing unplugged wedding itself. We can’t rave enough about the gorgeous details throughout the day. Haley had a very clear vision of how she wanted the day, and it truly came to life, from her stunning Yolan Cris gown (made in Barcelona of course!), right down to the gorgeous stationery and tableware.

The highlights

Haley and Jason decided on a 100% unplugged wedding, and we have to say that it was an excellent call. Aside from a few jokes about who would be the first to sneak a selfie, everyone forgot their phones existed. The intrusion of technology is something that perhaps we’ve all become accustomed to, but seeing all of the happy faces looking up and being fully present for the emotional moments of the ceremony, eyes really meeting for the laughs during the speeches, and not a single iphone-wielding arm breaking up the beautiful scenes, was truly refreshing and magical. This is one trend that we hope to see more of in the months and years to come.


Planning, Coordination & Design: A Spanish Do
Photography: Don + Helen
Welcome event: Sky Bar by Cal Blay at Hotel Mim Sitges
Wedding venue: Almiral de la Font
Bride’s gown: Yolan Cris
Catering: Caravan Made
Rentals: Options
Flowers: Paradiso
Table stationery: Bella Figura
Music: ALP
Cake: Dolç Atelier
Oysters: Don Ostra